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National NGOs Network Group Against AIDS Nepal (NANGAN), a national umbrella network of NGOs, was registered in 1995 at the District Administrative Office, Kathmandu under registration # 603-052/053 and Social Welfare Council’s affiliated # 16105. NANGAN, an autonomous non-profit network, is governed by 12 Executive member (11 elected and 1 Immediate Past President- non voting member) General Assembly is NANGAN's supreme body which meets generally once in a year.

    NANGAN leads towards its vision for a society without AIDS by mobilizing its member organization. NANGAN mobilizes its nationwide member organization throughout all of Nepal’s 7 Federal States. In order to complement the National Strategy developed by the NCASC/GoN; NANGAN through its own member organizations has been implementing program and projects in various parts of the country. To ensure that NANGAN’s work is more systematic and sustainable, NANGAN has developed its strategic plan. The strategic plan (2019-2023) of NANGAN directs the current HIV/AIDS response and contributes eventually to achieve the overarching goal of Nepal’s National Strategy.

  • A society without AIDS

  • Support its members to prevent, HIV treatment and care for infected/affected people and most at risk population including migrants and their families (in Nepal and destination)

  • Contribute effectively to the reduction of current HIV& AIDS prevalence rate in line with a new vision of ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030 and goals to achieve optimized Identify, Reach, Recommend, and Test, Treat and Retain (IRRTTR) for 90-90-90 and combination prevention by 2020.

  • Identify gaps and advocate for an effective policy at national/local level in order to ensure the rights of the PLWHA, Risk population including Migrants cross broader issues, SRHR and other vulnerable groups and support for implementing the program for addressing their issues effectively

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