President’s Message

Dal Bahadur G.C

It gives us immense pleasure to introduce NANGAN and its activities for supporting the National response in HIV&AIDS. NANGAN has successfully completed its 24 year and is celebrating silver jubilee in Chaitra 2076. NANGAN extends its sincere thanks to all individual and organizations that supported us directly/indirectly in this long journey.

The upcoming year 2020 is also remarkable due to the commitment of fulfilling the 90;90;90 Goal 2020. Various activities are carried out in all Provinces districts by the Government and NGOs and support groups are implementing the programs through the provincial government and donor support.

National networks including NANGAN are engaged to supporting government for formulating policies and plans and helping members for better service delivery.  Save the Children, FHI360 and AHF Nepal are bridging for disbursing the donations from donor side to recipients including Global Fund, USAID, PEFAR. In coordination with UNAIDS, UN Agencies (WHO, UNICEF and UNODC) and GIZ are providing technical supports accordingly.

Despite the efforts of the various agencies, the HIV services still persists the lacking/gapping and being the barriers for reaching the 90;90;90 goals. There is also longer program gap in the Migrant population and prison inmate. The main reason behind the low achievement includes: low program coverage, donor driven/top-down approach, hiding cases due to the fear of stigma and discrimination and lower involvement/internalization by the local government.  

Since, HIV is not only the Health issue, it is associated with Multi dimensional phenomenon eg livelihood, nutrition, human right, social security etc. It should be addressed through multi- sector response as well as maintained better linkages of Federal, Provincial and Local government. There should be an enabling environment for program implementation together with the effective monitoring and government ownership at all 3 levels.  

We are in the gate way of 2020, NANGAN wishes for the success of 90;90;90 goal and appeal for utilizing the collective wisdom for this endeavor.

Dal Bahadur G.C., President